Thursday, September 6, 2012

One word out of thousands

 I tend to take things really personally when someone says something negative or leaves a negative comment on the blog or posts something on face book. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and so that one negative thing can effect my whole day if I let it. My attitude, my energy level, and how I react to people around me. 

Isn't it weird that we internalize the negative affirmations in our life way more than the positive words in our lives?

There is more negative in this world than positive let's face it, even all over the news, reality TV, and movies it's hard to find things that are positive. I am a firm believer that we have to keep pouring the positive in our lives. Out of the heart the mouth speaks, so when we pour positive in, we speak it out!

Something I do is keep a "positive journal" where I save every email, positive comment, note from my brides, birthday cards, and any positive affirmations. When I have a down day I can pull it out and read all the positive. Anything positive goes in this special book!

I think it's so important as a parent to give my children verbal praise on a daily basis. How many times during the day do I say no, stop, quit, don't do that? A LOT with two little boys. Just like myself for every negative word they need 10 to outshine it. My focus of the last month has been to give both my boys verbal affirmation. If they do something good without me asking them to , I say " you are such a good boy, I am so proud of you". or " thank you so much for doing the right thing", " you are so smart".

Seeing there little faces SHINE when I praise them is priceless but my heart does the same thing when someone praises me or gives me a positive " good job". Since I have been focusing on the positive I am having to correct them less and less. All I have to is " do you want to make mommy happy"? then this is the way we should do that.

I also have been blessed with an amazing guy who daily tells me how proud he is of me and what an amazing business owner and mother I am. I have noticed how it motivates me and likewise I try and make an effort every day to tell him something that I am proud of or a reason why I love him.

Just as positive can motivate, encourage, and lift someone up, we must be so careful that we don't speak a negative affirmation over our children or spouse. It  can crush some one's spirit, words spoken can never be taken back.

I encourage each of you to save the positive in your life, pour in the uplifting, encourage your children and spouse through positive affirmations and praise!!!