Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finding your Northern Star

So here is my devotional for today, inspired by today's sermon.

 " Finding your Northern Star"

When does a star shine it's brightest? In the DARKNESS!!!!

When we are at our lowest and in the midst of darkness, God will place a shining star to guide our way. I have to be honest some of the best marketing ideas I have every come up with , were in my lowest moments financially. Would I have come up with those amazing ideas if I had not been pushed to a place with no other options? Maybe, Maybe not. I could have sat around cried and go upset ( which sometimes I did) and been so blinded by my own self pity that I didn't search out those stars. Instead I opened up my mind and vigorously searched for a STAR.

When we are in our darkest time, when we want to give up we must search to find that guiding star and follow up.

Our desire for change must be stronger than our desire for comfort!!!

That star will be what molds you, will you let the darkness mold you negatively or will you seek out the bright star and let that guide you into a new place in life?

Its your choice, you can blindly walk around in the darkness as long as you want, prolonging your blessings OR you can refuse to be overcome and search out your Northern Star!!

Prayer for today

" God I ask you to place a bright point of direction in my life, give me vision for the future. Let my will for your plan in my life be stronger than my comfort."


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