Monday, June 4, 2012


What an amazing day!!! I am so excited for the future this fall 2012 and beyond. I am stepping out on faith in a new business venture and God is placing all the right people in my life. Its taken a lot of weeding out the negative people, the ones who do not have the same integrity and basically starting all over at point one.

Today I had a beautiful bridal consultation with my June bride and we were talking about how some bridemaids become maidzillas, making everything about them, trying to take the spotlight, and just not being there for the bride in one of her most important roles in life......a bride.

This really got me thinking.......are YOU a friendzilla? Do you focus on yourself and are to blinded by your own problems in life to see when your friend needs you in her moment in life. During her own storms and darkness? Sometimes we must take a step back to see through the glass clearly. Then be there no matter what for our friend. Taking on that role and jumping when she says jump. Being that ear to listen to and not just running your mouth all the time.

I challenge you to do one thing this week for one of your girlfriends that will make her feel special. Make her family dinner, so she doesn't have to cook. Send her a cute card in the mail ( everyone loves getting REAL mail), or buy her a cupcake or chocolate and drop it by with one of your favorite chick flicks.

Be the friend you want to have.

Anyway....just my thoughts for today!

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