Sunday, July 15, 2012

CAT FIGHT in my living room!!!


So, today was so busy and I just got caught up in life. Ever do that? just get so caught up that all of a sudden you are like " it's 10pm and where did the day go?

In life there are so many things set up as distractions from what really matters.
The world throws negative things at us from many angles, through the music we listen to, the books we read, the tv shows we watch. FULL of negative drama that clouds are minds.

I sat here doing office work at my kitchen table with my babes asleep and the tv across in the living room on low, with Housewives of New Jersey playing. Trying to concentrate on paperwork and finally I just felt the tension in my shoulders, I felt panicked, frustrated, and angry. FOR NO REASON.....and then I looked up and realized that the tv across the room the drama going on in the show, the arguing, cussing, and anger between those ladies was IN MY HOME. 

Now I certainly wouldn't let these ladies come into my home and start a fight like that in my living room would I? and yet that is EXACTLY what I was doing. The negative spirit and spirit of confusion, frustration, and anger was in my living room. 

What kind of energy are you letting into your life through media? Are you letting it control the atmosphere of your home? Of your children?

I'm not saying its a bad thing to watch these things ( kinda an addict myself) BUT what I am saying is HOW MUCH time are you allowing for these things to be in your life? and are you putting the POSITIVE in your home as well?? 

Fill your home with positive media, joy, and happiness!!!


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