Friday, July 13, 2012

Give change a bear hug!!!

Giving change a bear hug!!!

There is a positive you can find in every situation in life that happens. 

This summer has been a huge journey for me, so many changes in life, and doors that are being opened for my business and family!

Despite what some may think, I do not like change. I have ordered the same thing at Starbucks for the last 10 years and have certain patterns and ways I do things. I wake up each morning and grab a  Dr. Pepper and Coffee, double fisting caffeine first thing in the am. I also like to take hot baths but shower after. (Something about sitting in your own dirt and then getting out.... just isn't my thing lol). Ive worn the same bath and body lotion and spray since I was 16. Every summer I buy a pair of target black flip flops. You get the point. Just not a girl who likes BIG changes.

Sometimes God forces us to get into a place that the bottom of our lives is literally falling out, so we look for a  change in our circumstances. 

We can be so focused on trying to pry back open the doors God has closed in our lives, that we miss seeing the ones that He has opened for us. Doors that possibly have bigger and better things in them for us or we forget maybe he closed doors to protect us.

Recently at the beginning of the year I was laying in bed one night after my little ones FINALLY went to sleep. One of those nights where we read " Go Dog Go" twice and had to thank God in our prayers for everything " thank you God for the nana and papa, and the ceiling , and the floor, and the pillow and my binky and my purple truck" lol Alex just wouldn't stop and it took an hour or so to get him asleep. At that point I kinda dozed off for a minute. In that minute I had this amazing concept for an expansion and an additional business. I woke up 5 minutes later and thought on it for awhile. Then shrugged and like I did, I put the ideas asleep.

Until the beginning of Spring when some personal challenges in my life forced me to take a step back and look at my future. I wanted to spend more time with my children and less time working 70+ hours a week. I hadn't had a weekend off in months and was at the burn out point. So again this little idea in my head popped back up but this time I didn't slam the door on the idea.

I guess God was preparing me for the call I would get from investors pitching my the idea of taking an Editor position. He was preparing me for the idea of taking on change in my life with a positive lioness attitude! because honey, that is the last think I EVER dreamed I would be single mommy to two baby boys? the lady who shaves one leg one night and the other leg the next night because within 5 minutes of stepping in the shower one of two little voices will be at the door saying " mommy"? (Come on, I know you other moms know what I'm talking about).

Now I'm being pitched a business proposal for a prestigious put together editor position???


I guess my point in today's posting is to encourage other people to not let their situation or fear stop them from a dream God has given them. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can stop you from having a dream but YOU! So get out of your own way!

Just like Esther in the Bible took on a huge challenge in her life. Facing fear with courage and walking in faith.

Everyone goes through crap in their lives. Every person has break down moments. Every person has bad things happen to them. Every person makes mistakes.
 These situations show you, who you really are. 

You can either give up or you can embrace change with a bear hug.


ps. I am inspired now and beginning a Bible study based on the book of Esther and invite you to log in daily and comment

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