Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I want you to know that you are not alone. Darkness wants you to believe you are all alone, but you are not. You think no one understands how you feel, but that is not true.

In addition to God being with you, many other people know how you feel and understand what you are experiencing mentally and emotionally.

" Many evils  confront the righteous, but the Lord delivers him our of them all" Psalms 34:19

There are so many examples in the Bible of the afflictions and attacks of the righteous and the Lord delivered every single one of them.When you make PROGRESS in life Satan often brings affliction to discourage you and will try to make you feel alone BUT what Satan intends for our harm, God will work to our good. Anything negative or bad can be turned to good if we see it through God's eyes and not the eyes of our flesh or out of emotion. 

Think of David and Saul , Sharach, Meschach, and Abednego, and Daniel in the Lions Den

All of these people found that God was faithful. I have also experienced His goodness and faithfulness. I was in a terribly car wreck two years ago when I was 9 months pregnant with Alex ( below are images). I will share the whole story at a later time but you can see from the wreck, which by the way was a mini van before the crash. I have had a baby in the NICU and I have lost a baby girl, but nonetheless in each case God has delivered me and provided answers but there was a time of waiting on God and staying in prayer. 

As we know afflictions come upon all of us.  We all experience a certain amount of grief and loneliness in life from time to time, but we are not alone. 


God is good and He is faithful. Last year I encountered a major emotional shock that separated me from many people and things dear to me. God wanted me to move on but I was not obeying Him. God was working for my good, even though I could not see the good at the time. When I would not move, God moved me and some of the people in my life. I realize that it was one of he best things that ever happened to me but at the time I thought my whole world was falling apart and everything in life was going wrong. I wasn't sure I would recover from this hurt.

Death and divorce are not the only devastating losses people face. Losing a longtime relationship or career that has been important to you will be very traumatic.Being sick or having an injury that keeps you from doing a sport or hobby you enjoy can be very hard emotionally. Actually, losing anyone or anything that is important to us is hard.

My complete recovery has taken nearly a year but I have definite progress throughout that time. Something that finally helped me be healed of the major pain was an understanding that on this earth we might never understand the " spiritual ties". ( I will be posting about that tomorrow)

So my point to this post is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE....when you cry in the shower, know that at least one other person in the world does ( me), when you  curl up in bed after a long day and think that you are living without purpose, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When you think no one would care if you weren't here, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When you think everything you do for your children, spouse , or work isn't appreciated YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Its finding the power to stay in prayer and realize that you are under attack. Realize that God is working for your good.

Just felt I needed to say these things....BIG HUGS


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